How To Register Online 


1) Click on the “Register Here Link 

2) Select the “New To Lake Effect Dance Register” button

3) Enter registration information 

4) Search classes that you want, look for upcoming dance classes, update contact info!

5) Save URL so access it any time you want! 

Important Prices: 

Membership Fee $30/student or $40/ Family

$34 for 30 minute class/month

$49 for 45 minute class/month

$60 for 60 minute class/month

$60 for 120 minute class/month


First Day of Class 


On the first day of class make sure to be on time, as you would for every class, and prepared. Make sure you are registered for class ahead of time. First months payment is made and all rides are arranged. Along with that the Dancer and Parent Conduct code must be on file with a photo release form. If you need dance shoes please order through LED so you know they are the correct pair. It takes about 2 weeks for shoes to come in. The longer you wait, the longer it takes! Here is what you will need to have for the first day. 

  • Class specific attire 

    • Ballet/tap - Pink or Black leotart (skirts are accepted) Pink tights, Ballet and tap shoes

    • Jazz/Hip Hop/Acrobatics - Shorts, Fitted top, Leotards are encouraged, Jazz shoes

    • Technique Class - Jazz focus can wear jazz class, Ballet focus will wear Pink or Black leotard and tights

  • Hair pulled into ponytail or bun

  • Water bottle (Snack for multiple classes)

  • Positive attitude!

  • Push up's will be handed out when these requirements are not met. 


Ballet/Tap Dress Code                                                                                Jazz Dress Code 




Class Description 

Combo Classes 3-6 

Does your dancer love music?  Does he or she constantly dance at home or down the grocery aisles?  Does he or she jump, skip, run around?  Then they NEED to be in dance class!  These classes are a combination of Ballet and Tap.  In class your dancer will learn listening skills, following directions, and interact with other children.   Our first half of the year is focused on different stories and the second half of the year on learning the end of year ballet and tap dance! These dances will be performed on the BIG stage where all family and friends come to cheer them on! 


Ballet 8-11+ and Tap 

These classes are for the dancers who love Ballet and/or want to explore the art form.  Classes are age based, not skills based.  In this class they will learn one dance in as they work hard to progress their skills throughout the year.  It is also a benefit for those that seek to progress in the Performance Company program. 


Jazz and Hip Hop 6+ 

Jazz and Hip Hop 6+ classes are for dancers that have a passion for dance and movement!  This is for the dancer that wants to continue to progress on their skills with a once a week class.  These dancers will gain exceptional knowledge of dance terminology, technical skills, and of course gain friendships that last an entire life time! 


Boys Hip Hop 

The energy in this class never stops!  The boy in your life will learn, tricks spins, turns, etc., as they get their energy out by moving to the latest music styles.  This class is for the boy in your life that doesn’t stop and loves to move.  They will also learn 2 dances for the end year Showcase! 


Ballet II through Pointe Class Expectations 


Lake Effect Dance holds a high integrity to its Ballet Program. Our serious dancers who enjoy the Classical Ballet art form will progress through their dance career with the graded level of Ballet up to Pointe work.   These classes are Permission based only.  Dancers will need to be evaluated through the LED Ballet Curriculum and then placed into the next level of class.  These classes will participate in the grand Winter Ballet Production.    




Acrobatics is another class that we offer that allows dancers to progress safely and confidently through the next stages of class.  Dancers who participate in Acro will be given specific individual goals to work on and continue to gain strength each week through this program.  Acro 2 and 3 are by evaluation only. 


Performance Company 

Our performance company is by Audition Only. Our Audition Packet contains all the information needed for your more serious dancer who wants to take it to the next level!