Recital Information



About two weeks before recital we recommend you remove the costume from the bag and hang (dresses upside down) to get all wrinkles out.  We also recommend that you place each dancer’s name on his/her costumes, shoes, accessories, and tights.  Every year we have misplaced items that,  if they are properly marked with a name, the item can be easily returned to the owner.   Make sure you bring ALL pieces of the costume.  If you are unsure of what the costume is to look like on your dancer you can text Holly at 218-343-8127 and she will text the picture to you.   If one dancer is missing a piece we have to alter ALL dancers before they hit the stage so it is very important!  Please do not wash the costumes in your washing machine.  We will also have extra tights for sale at the venue should your dancer need them.



Make sure your dancer has the right color shoe for the performance!  If you aren’t sure please ask!  Acro is barefoot.  Correct colors are:  pink for ballet for girls (not black), black ballet for boys, black tap, tan jazz, and black high top for hip hop.


Be Prepared 

Parents- we need you to be really involved in this part.  It is each and every dancer’s responsibility to keep all costumes together and intact until the recital is over.  Pre-planning the recital is not a one day activity.  Make a checklist of your child’s routine(s), what routine and what order they go in, listing their costumes, tights, shoes, and accessories, and keep referring to it to make sure you have all your supplies before arriving at the venue.  Bring extra bobby pins, hairspray, baby wipes, safety pins, flesh colored Band Aids, etc.  

Non-Dress Rehearsal- Morning of June 13th 

Please arrive at your designated time for the non-dress rehearsal.  The rehearsal allows the dancer(s) to become familiar with the stage surroundings and helps make them feel more at ease with their performance and being on stage - especially the younger 1st time performers. Music cues, set changes, and all other logistics for an organized performance are rehearsed so that the dancer(s) feel comfortable enough to be able to deliver their best performance ever.  We run an organized rehearsal (although this is new to us this year) and with your help the process will guarantee a professional production.  We follow a strict rule that we will start on time whether everyone is there or not!  DANCERS WILL NOT WEAR THEIR COSTUMES FOR REHEARSAL.  

You can find your call time on the left hand side of your recital order.  Lost the email?  Check out our website for the order!  Dancers will walk onto stage at their call time, perform their dance, make any necessary adjustments, and then can head back to their parent/guardian.  Since it is a quick 5 minute time slot we ask you do not leave your child unattended.   Hair and makeup is not required for rehearsal either. 

When bringing your dancer(s) to the rehearsal and the performance, please drop them off no earlier than 10 minutes prior.  It is in a County Park and in a vast open area (not the school and auditorium), so we will not have the staff to watch all the kids if they get dropped off too early. 

**Please keep in mind that rehearsals are just that, a rehearsal.  There will be glitches, music could be mixed up, staff members will make mistakes, but the purpose of the rehearsal is to get the dancer onstage and practice their dance the way it will be in the show.  Please bear with us, remain calm, and most important - bring positive energy!  


Ticket sales will start at 11:00am on Saturday, May 29th and will end on Saturday, June 12th at midnight.  Every FAMILY will be given two complimentary tickets (in the form of a wristband) for the day.  The Complimentary Tickets will NOT be purchased on-line.  You can come into the studio beginning the week of  May 31 to receive 2 wristbands that will allow entry into the venue for all shows.  All other people attending will be required to purchase tickets online.  Ticket prices are $7 (+ a processing fee) and are good for ALL shows.  Ticket purchasers will need to present their ticket at the venue and receive a wristband or bring the ticket into the studio, in advance, and exchange for a wristband that is to be worn for all shows.  Yes, one ticket (wristband) will get you into every show.  Anna will be doing a video tutorial the day before and will post the video on the private facebook group if you have further questions on how to order.  Each family will receive a link to order tickets.  Please look for that on May 28th.  No replacement wristbands will be given if lost or stolen.  Also, no refunds are given for ticket sales - all sales are final.   


We will be selling a stuffed Unicorn animal/balloon combo that you can preorder or buy at the venue.  Flower bouquets will also be available for purchase and digital download of the show.  T-shirts will also be available to order - Holly is currently working with Graphic Designer and will have a design in a few days.  We suggest placing an order before May 30th to ensure you get it by recital (they are fun to wear at recital and for rehearsal).  You can order after and do a summer pick up as well.  All orders must be prepaid and are final.


This year's recital will be held at Lucius Woods Performing Art Center in Solon Springs, Wisconsin.  Yes, the show will go on RAIN OR SHINE!  It is an outdoor event and is the first one we will have ever held as a recital.  Please bear with us as this is new unchartered territory for us also.  The dancers should remain dry in the event of rain, spectators however could get wet.  Please watch the weather and dress accordingly.  The venue is on a gradual slope so the stage is viewable from all areas.  There are a limited number of chairs we can use and will be set up for seating.  We suggest bringing your own chairs in cease there is not enough seating for all.  

The dancers have worked hard all year and look forward to performing for everyone.  Please remain seated during each dance - and do not enter or exit until after a dance number is completed.  It is not only a distraction but it is disheartening for a dancer to see people get up and leave while they are performing for you.  


We will have a concession stand area set up behind the audience.  We will be providing food and beverages for purchase with ALL PROCEEDS going directly to the Competition Fund for the 2021-2022 competitors.  We will have items such as pastries, fruit, brats, hotdogs, taco in a bag, sweets, coffee, water, soda, gatorade, etc.  We also need parents willing to help haul items down to the venue and do setup and take down.  Because this is a fundraiser we are in need of competition parents (no children) willing to work the concession.  With that we need 1 individual willing to coordinate shift times for all those willing to help.  If you are willing to coordinate that schedule please call/text Holly at 218-343-8127 or email at

Once again - PLEASE read this and keep checking your email and the website for any updates between now Sunday, June 13th!

**Update 6/2/21**

Dancers account must be up-to-date to participate in recital.  No outstanding bills.

It was brought to our attention that a reminder was not added to this last week about photography.  Cahill Studios will be doing group and individual photos at recital- this studio has done our photos in the past and are the go to choice for schools throughout the state for photography.  Please be assured that they will do a professional job!  Order forms are now strictly online and will be emailed.

You can come into the studio to sign for your 2 complimentary wristbands and any others that you may have purchased.  No entry will be allowed into the venue without a wristband.  We will have wristbands at the venue as well.

Masks:  Our staff will not be wearing masks and we will not be requiring masks at recital.  However, if you would like your dancer to wear one onstage please make sure they have one that is non-distracting.  We, of course, have kid size paper ones at the studio if you need one.

There is no internet at the park so we will not be able to accept credit/debit cards or personal checks.  It will be cash only.


Last thing:  Please be patient with us.  Please be kind and remember we are working our hardest to bring you a fun recital.  Even though COVID restrictions are being lifted we are still dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic.  We are forced to use an outdoor facility for the 1st time ever and so this is new to us as well.