It’s that time of year again……RECITAL!!!!!  We are proud to announce this year’s recital is “Thrive” In order for our recital to run smoothly, it is necessary for all involved to be familiar with our policies.  Most questions should be answered in the following pages, but if there are any questions please do not hesitate to ask.  Recital time can sometimes be overwhelming, especially for 1st time dancers and parents.  We at Lake Effect Dance are trying every way to improve what we have done in past years to ensure that our recitals are a positive experience for everyone.  Thank-you so much for your overwhelming support throughout the past year and your continued support in the upcoming month.  This year we have 2 separate shows.  Please make sure you know which show you are in and what order your dances are for each show!  All programs are posted at the studio!


What:  Lake Effect Dance Recital

Recital Times:  Sunday, June 5th @ 11:30am

                            Sunday, June 5th @ 1:00pm 

                         Sunday, June 5th @ 2:30pm (Ballet Production of Princess Ballet)


Recital Tickets:

Recital tickets sales begin on May 14th. Time: 11:30am.  Cost: $7.00. We will email you the link the week before.  Please look for it.  You will receive it from “Dance Recital Ticketing.”  NOT Lake Effect Dance.  You will receive a code to purchase up to 8 tickets per family for the first 48 hours.  After that, we will lift the limit and anyone can buy as many tickets as they would like. Tickets are per seat (not including processing fees)  Lapped children (2 and under) are free.  We do have special handicap seating reserved.  If you need special seating, please contact Anna.

*Those in more than one show will receive 2 complementary tickets to the additional show. 


Recital T-Shirts:

Shirts will be available for PRE-SALE ONLY.  Please watch your emails for when that goes into effect!


Dressing Rooms: 

DURING RECITAL NO PARENTS are allowed backstage or in the adjoining gym to help dress or change your dancer.  There will be helpers backstage making sure the show is running smoothly, costume changes are being made on time, and that the dancers are safe, ready, and accounted for.


Sorry, Dads/Male Guardians are not permitted in the adjoining gymnasium due to dancers dressing and changing costumes.  Our dressing room attendants are responsible for making sure that each dancer is in appropriate costume, matching accessories, hair, tights, and shoes. 


If you, a parent, want to help out in the dressing area please contact Anna at or 218-343-9230.  Volunteers will receive 2 complimentary tickets.  Keep in mind you are helping a group of students and not just your own dancer.   


Auditorium Rules:


Doors will open to the public 20 minutes prior to each show.  No food, drinks, candy, or gum will be permitted in the auditorium during the performances (per Maple School District Policy).  We are fortunate to be in such a beautiful facility, please be considerate guests and respect the building as such.  Please supervise all children – no running in the auditorium or commons area.  No one is permitted backstage except studio staff, performers, and dressing room attendants. 


***Audience members are asked not to enter or leave the Auditorium when dancers are on stage performing.  We will have an auditorium monitor that will let you know when the appropriate time to return to your seat is.  Please be considerate and leave or return to your seats in between numbers.


Costumes, Hair, and Makeup:


We spend many hours (and this year – weeks) determining the correct costumes for each class.  Our staff does a remarkable job to make sure that all costumes are age-appropriate and fit the theme of the dance choreography.


Costume Care: 


We recommend that each dancer’s name be placed on his/her costumes, shoes, accessories, and tights.  Every year we have misplaced items that if marked with a name can be easily returned to the owner.  Pack accessories in a clear plastic bag with your child’s name on it and on each item if possible.  Press all costumes prior to dress rehearsal and/or the performance.  Please do not wash the costumes in your washing machine; if needed dry-clean them only (after recital).  Tights that were ordered for each dancer were done so that there are no discrepancies in color and style.  The dancers should not wear their tights except for pictures, rehearsal, and the recital.  Lake Effect Dance has extra tights available for purchase should your dancer need them. 



We ask that all female dancers wear makeup at the recital as stage lights wash out the faces.  In a perfect world your dancer will have the following – eye shadow, eyeliner, blush, and mascara.  For the youngest dancers this can be difficult so at least attempt to use blush.  Lipstick can be used but the same color will need to be used by each dancer in a routine.  Why Makeup?  Lighting on stage washes the dancers faces out and can cast shadows on the face.  We want everyone to be seen!  All dancers will wear hair in a top bun.  We have been enforcing this rule as best we can at practice and every dancer seems to be comfortable and adjusted to their hair up and off the face.  




Be Prepared:


Parents – we need you to be really involved in this part.  It is each and every dancers responsibility to keep all costumes together and intact until recital is over!  Pre-planning the recital isn’t a one-day activity.  Gather all costumes, accessories, shoes, and makeup several days in advance so you will know if something is missing or isn’t right.  Make a checklist of your child’s routines, what dates they perform what routine and what order they go in, listing their costumes, tights, shoes, and accessories, and keep referring to it to make sure you have all your supplies before going to the auditorium.  Bring extra hair gel, bobby pins (especially for the routines with baseball caps, cowboy hats, headbands, veils, etc.  – those will need to be pinned down to the hair), and hairspray.  Other extra supplies could include:

                        Baby wipes to fix makeup smudges or wash hands

                        Baby powder for those itchy costumes

                        Safety pins for those emergency costume fixes

Clear nail polish to repair minor holes/runs in tight when there isn’t time to change into a new pair

Flesh colored Band Aids (we are forever covering up little ouches)



Dressing Room Etiquette:


Dancers must respect others’ space and property in the dressing room.  The dancers will spend more time in the dressing room than onstage, so please do your best to keep it organized and clean.  Please pick up your area and do not leave garbage all over for the volunteer to have to clean up.  Consideration goes a long way. 




*Parents/guardians please bring your dancer to the adjoining gymnasium 30 minutes prior to show time.  **PLEASE do not arrive any earlier as we will be “flipping” the gym up to that point.

Sunday 11:30am – arrive at 11:00am

Sunday 1:00pm – Arrive at 12:30pm

Sunday 2:30pm – Arrive at 2:00pm

*All dancers will remain in the off stage areas.  Children will not be allowed to enter the Auditorium without a parent picking them up from the gymnasium.