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There are two dates for ticket sales this year.  Please make sure you know which one applies to you and that you receive our email with your 2 Complimentary tickets.  This email will arrive the week leading into ticket sales.   We use an online ticket sale vendor, which applies a standard fee for all tickets purchased.   This year we are  limiting ticket sales to 6 per family until ALL families have purchased their tickets.  Then we will open up more spots for those that would like to purchase additional tickets.


If you have an outstanding balance we will not be able to purchase tickets this year.  Please ensure your account is fully up-to-date.


Priority Ticket Sales:


May 11th and 12th (7:00am)

Priority Ticket Sales will take place May 11th and 12th.  Parents who pre-registered during the week of April 29th (6:00am) -May 4th (10:00pm) will be EMAILED a code the week leading into Ticket Sales.  You will then be able to use your code to access ticket sales earlier then anyone else!    


General Ticket Sales:


May 18th (7:00am) through May 26th

General ticket sales will take place on May 18th for those that have not registered for our 19-20 season.  You will receive an email with your 2 complimentary tickets the week leading into Ticket sales.  Please make sure you receive the email.  Limit of tickets is again 6 per family and we will again open up to everyone once ALL families have had a chance to purchase at least 1 ticket.


No-Refunds or exchanges are given so please make sure you know which show you are in!


Saturday 2:00pm Show


This is just a reminder that our Pointe class will be performing their year end show “Alice and Wonderland” at the 2:00pm show this year ONLY!  We know this piece is a favorite amongst the entire company and want to invite everyone to attend! 




DVD of the performances will be available for through online ticket sales.  We will once again be using multiple cameras to create another great artistic video.


Teddy Bears:


Teddy Bears and Balloons will once again be sold this year!  This was a BIG hit last year and the kids loved it!  Pre-purchase online allows for you to guarantee you have one at the show.  We have limited stock so we can’t ensure we will have them for sale at the Recital. 




Clothing will also be pre-ordered as well.  Ensure you place your order online with shirt size so that you can pick up at recital and wear that day!  If you chose to purchase clothing at recital we do not ensure pick up ready until September.


Flowers by Forever Marges:


As always the amazing Forever Marges Flowers will be selling flowers at recital this year.  They will have two separate flower price points to accomidate your dancers needs!  Make sure to check them out at the show!