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April 6th 2019

  • It can get very crowded, therefore, only bring one parent/caregiver per child.

  • Make sure to arrive about 15 minutes prior to your dancer's scheduled picture time.

  • Dancers should come dressed for pictures in their dance costume with light make-up.

  • Hair can be done however you would like. 

  • No jewelry, nail polish, or underwear (some exceptions).

  • Make sure your dancer has the correct shoes.

  • Please make sure to bring all parts of your costume with you to Picture Day (ie. tights, socks, gloves, headpiece, etc.). If you don't know what something is, please bring it and we will help you!

  • It takes a few weeks to fill all our orders. Once they are ready we will have them at the studio and will send an email for pick-up.  If you order a digital copy you will receive pictures within days to your email. 


2019 Printable Schedule